Maidstone Counselling Centre

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About Counselling

At various times in our lives we all have occasional unhappy, stressful periods and these may lead to confused and overwhelming feelings within us. These unhappy times may or may not be connected to specific problems.

Help & Advise

If you feel  that you need to be more confident, more in control, more relaxed and even more healthy but less anxious, less stressed, less angry and less lonely then we may be able to help you. Counselling may not be able to make all your problems disappear but it will be able to help you understand and then cope with them. Whatever you come to see us about can be worked with no matter how well defined or not. Counselling can help with any problem that is important to you. We will strive to help you make sense of your inner feelings and support you through this difficult time of your life.

And in addition......

We won’t make you feel silly or judged, we work with you to help you cope on your own. We won’t think that you’re making a fuss about nothing. We will not seek to advise you and we cannot provide answers but instead help and support you to to discover your own answers and solutions in a safe, confidential environment.

Is counselling the right thing for you?

People are often confused about whether counselling is for them. We offer a professional and practical service that almost everyone can benefit from.

The client/counsellor relationship however, is a very personal one and we believe it is ethical to offer a free initial consultation to discuss how we might work together without any obligation.

Some of the things we don't do.

 ● Use lots of jargon (leaving you more confused than when you came in).

 ● Constantly drag over the past with no obvious direction.

 ● Give advice (you've probably had lots already). The whole point is that you discover what will work for you not what works for your counsellor.

 ● Tea & sympathy (although you may be offered refreshments).

 ● We also don't believe that people have a spare lifetime to spend in therapy!

The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy 's Code of Ethics states that we should be accountable, competent and impartial and we are ethically bound to work with integrity, respect and total confidentiality.

As members of the BACP that is what we abide by.

What we offer is an opportunity to look at your life and situation in a more pro-active way. Impartially, non judgementally, creatively, realistically and supportively.

 ● Impartial and non judgmental……. it’s our role to keep a clear head, free of bias and stay focused on your desired outcome. Two heads instead of one, with the advantage that one doesn't feel guilty, nag, criticise or go aimlessly round in circles.

 ●That is not to say that it won't be challenging at times because change is difficult, which is why most people seek counselling in the first place. We are there to help you make those changes and feel good about it.

 ● For some this can be the first time that they experience an honest, open, trusting, working relationship. Talking freely and confidentially, hearing out loud what we are really thinking, can be life changing in itself.

 ● We don't have a one size fits all attitude. It is our responsibility to work with you as an individual and work in a way that gets the best results for you.

How long will it take?

We do not ask you to commit to a set number of sessions. It is our ethical responsibility to work as effectively as we can and believe that you should be free to end the sessions when you've decided that you've achieved your goals and perhaps restart them again whenever you feel the need to do so. Some people find the process so helpful and life changing that they decide to challenge many areas of their lives, whilst others choose to work on one particular issue and often get what they want in one or two sessions.